McEnroe to serve Manchester

Manchester’s design community was due yesterday to present a rival campaign for the city, after dismissing the official branding as “little more than dull”.

Trevor Johnson at Via Design is one of the creatives behind the alternative campaign and worked on the slogan Made In Manchester. “It’s conceptually competent,” he says, compared with advertising agency McCann-Erickson’s effort We’re Up and Going.

Johnson is part of the McEnroe Group, the rival body set up after the launch of Marketing Manchester’s efforts (23 May 1997).

Other McEnroe members working on the project are Mark Farrow, Mark Holt, Malcolm Garrett and Peter Saville who is acting as art director.

The symbol’s asterisk represents the city’s ten boroughs and will act as a hallmark with the letters MCR within it, as an abbreviation for Manchester. “The campaign is a visual exercise,” says Johnson of the work so far.

Marketing Manchester chief executive Elizabeth Jeffreys says of Wednesday’s meeting, “We fully intend to give full and proper consideration to what is presented to us.”

The slogan We’re Up and Going was only part of Marketing Manchester’s original campaign, and was meant to be tested and refined, according to Jeffreys.

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