The bones of a brilliant idea

Product designer Nick Griffin had his eye on the main chance when he set about designing this pair of sports spectacles. The project was developed and funded by consultancy Nick Griffin Associates, with a view to getting into the sports and leisure market.

Research into products, lifestyles and trends in the market identified eyewear as a high growth area, offering opportunities for improvement in the style and function of spectacles on the market. NGA saw ‘beach’, ‘active’, ‘serious fitness’, ‘extreme’ and ‘street’ as the key targets.

The resulting Bones eyewear is made of ultra lightweight plastic fused with a soft rubber compound that is injected into the same mould. Ventilation is improved by small integral vents which open as the frames are drawn towards the face. Nose-pieces that are not rigidly attached to the frames and a pre-tensioned adjustable strap, meanwhile, help to eliminate vibration when the wearer is moving about.

Going under the working title of Bones, the eyewear adapts to the wearer’s facial contours to increase comfort. This is achieved mainly through moulded nose pieces and soft inner eye-cups, and in extreme conditions the frames can be drawn closer to the face.

Having applied for a patent for the nose pieces and strap, NGA is now talking to a manufacturer. It’s too early to reveal details, but NGA marketing director Vanda Griffin is ‘fairly optimistic’ about the outcome. All she can say is that Bones is likely to be made in the UK.

Design and client : Nick Griffin Associates

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