The Chartered Society of Designers should have been at the Halifax Initiative

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I should state up front that I am a fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers, a director of the Design Business Association and a member of British Design and Art Direction and I was invited to the Halifax Initiative.

I was immensely impressed by the passion and commitment by all the invitees in their efforts to regenerate and reorganise the design industry as a whole.

I can only say how depressed and annoyed I felt that the CSD was not, officially represented. It has a duty to its membership, and in not attending probably the most important initiative for 20 years, I feel has deplorably let them down.

Since the conference I have spoken to many people and read many articles and I have decided I must register my disappointment of the CSD’s action (or lack of it).

Therefore rather than resign I have chosen not to renew my membership this year and pay my 240 to either:

Finance the further research needed to progress the Halifax Initiative; or

Make a small contribution to the outstanding 5000 commitment by the CSD to Kinsley Lord.

It is vital to the industry as a whole that the impetus of the Halifax Initiative is maintained and all commitment and passion is supported as there will be no short-term quick fix.

My best wishes and congratulations to the review team and if they could let me know where to send the cheque I would be most grateful.

Paul King



Hertfordshire SG14 1HD

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