Give praise to the church as it fully adopts identity

With reference to Danielle Green’s News Analysis (DW 3 July), I was mildly surprised to see my Church of England logo captioned ‘designer unknown’. No matter.

It is, I think, worth pointing out that religious organisations are not like companies when it comes to co-ordinated implementation of an identity programme.

In the case of the CofE, the dioceses that make up the structure of the church’s administration have a traditional autonomy and in many instances are not obliged to accept directives from above.

However, since the launch in 1997, the adoption of the identity programme has steadily increased, and hopefully will continue to do so with the encouragement provided from the centre.

The brief was straightforward: ‘Particularise the CofE in relation to other Christian faiths in a contemporary fashion with traditional overtones.’ Obviously, it is a matter of opinion as to whether this has been achieved.

Nicholas Jenkins

Consultant/ designer

Nicholas Jenkins Design

London W8

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