A Modernist in Yorkshire

Sculptor and designer Isamu Noguchi crossed many boundaries – his Japanese-American background transcended East and West, and his work also spanned art and design. He considered himself a sculptor of

Uncovering the difference

Design groups need to have a clear vision of their strengths to market themselves effectively, says Karla Mercedes Morales There are many philosophies on how to win new business. ‘It’s

What the papers say

Textured, translucent or scented? Scott Billings discovers a new generation of special paper stocks that are spurring design ideas. They’re also a critical choice for clients as they convey a


Textile artist Caren Garfen is not long out of college, but she’s already caught the eye of award-givers and opinion-formers. Sarah Frater meets the witty embroiderer whose dainty work belies

Inspired, Piers Kimlosy: Purpose

Daily inspiration supplied by: Adam Loxley, for being the funniest man alive; Alex Komlosy, for being a dad and my brother; Alice Reynolds, for her command of a tight schedule,

Driving through change

The array of technology developed to aid drivers multiplies daily – and environmental concerns will only accelerate the pace of invention, says Jim Davies I’ve never sat through an edition

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