Inspired, Piers Kimlosy: Purpose

Daily inspiration supplied by: Adam Loxley, for being the funniest man alive; Alex Komlosy, for being a dad and my brother; Alice Reynolds, for her command of a tight schedule, with a broad smile; Catriona Allison, for being Scottish; Charlotte Cline, for never getting fazed (how does she do that!); Clive Challis, for opening my eyes to ideas, wherever they might be; Dan Dawson, for getting on with life at breakneck speed; Dianne Giddens, for bringing up me and my brother on her own; Ian McLean, for introducing me to ‘Fifty, Bentley, ugh!’; Jason Gregory, for his ability to stay cool, even when surrounded by 50 naked models (smooth); Joe Russell, for being the nicest guy on the planet (give this chap a job); Julia Woollams, for being one of the two best designers in London; Kath Tudball, for being one of the two best designers in London; Marc Atkinson, for starting his own company and actually making it profitable; Mark Bonner, for never letting the clients run the show; Matt Welch, for being more competitive than me, but hiding it well; Nathan Webb, for being Nathan Webb (and that’s a bottomless pit of inspiration right there); Oliver Maltby, for setting ‘the bar’ high at Purpose; Paul Felton, for being a proud Brummie; Peter Hale, for putting the humour back into design; Richard Coward, for being a gentleman and a scholar; Rob Howsam, for his ability to step back and let others take the credit; Ross Thingy, ‘owned!’; Russell Saunders, for his ability to make an illustrator visual look better than the final article; Sally Komlosy, for putting up with all my late nights (this one included); Stuart Radford, for being the best dressed man in graphics; Stuart Youngs, for being the second best dressed man in graphics (but his socks take first place); Yngwie Malmsteen, for… well, just listen to him and you’ll understand.

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