Every Dome has its day

Matthew Valentine takes a tour round the final images of the exhibits planned for the interior of the Dome. Now, with only 200 days to go, it’s just a matter of building them

Final impressions of the attractions that an expected audience of 12 million people will see when they visit the Greenwich Millennium Dome have been officially unveiled. With less than 200 days to go before the start of the next millennium, and the opening of the Dome, the public can now see what will be on offer.

A number of the Dome’s zones have been renamed since they were originally proposed, in a bid to please sponsors as well as visitors. New Millennium Experience Company chief executive Jennie Page says, “The zone designs and names show that our visitors will be able to enjoy an incredible variety of high quality attractions that will become the centre of attention for millennium celebrations throughout the world.”

“These designs show that the Dome will have something to amaze and educate everyone who visits it and that the attractions waiting for them are quite simply out of this world,” says Government minister Lord Falconer.

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