Meurig Jones 1959-2004When I first met Meurig 15 years ago I quickly appreciated that, like any great mentor, he could always get the best out of me.

When working late it would be his energy and enthusiasm that would always get the creative ideas flowing. When, many years later, the opportunity arose for us to start Lucid, we became the perfect partnership. Some would say we were like an old married couple – we knew each other’s strengths and together could get the job done. The sum was greater than the parts.

Meurig possessed an amazing ability to calmly unravel a problem by using what he would call ‘a liberal dose of common sense’ but which, to everybody else, looked like strategic brilliance!

Meurig was a great people person, who could listen as well as talk (and boy, we all know he sure could talk!) Staff and clients alike became lasting friends.

In the years that he was with us he created and achieved some wonderful things and earned a great respect from all his peers. I hope that his spirit will always live on through Lucid and through the people who were fortunate enough to know him.

Meurig Jones, co-founder and director of Lucid, died on Tuesday 8 June as a result of bone cancer

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