Poles apart

Polish designer Robert Majkut’s bullish attitude has caught the eye of the British Council and the Foreign & Commonwealth office.

To that end, the consultancy’s five-strong staff is supplemented, in true boutique style, by specialists brought in for specific projects. In the meantime, Polish creatives are fast developing a distinctive style. As Majkut says: ‘Polish design is just finding its own identity. We have to look back to our symbols and the values of our design history (before Communism) and this process is happening now.’

He believes that the Polish design scene is full of optimism. ‘This is the chance for many design disciplines in Poland, and I think the rest of Europe is in for a big surprise,’ he says.

Low prices may make Western clients prick up their ears, but these new contenders will also have to deliver creativity and show an understanding of branding and deadlines. With their work ethic, at least the deadlines shouldn’t give the Poles any trouble.

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