Innovation will keep BBC’s branding critics at bay

Last week you posed the question, ’As the BBC prepares for its move to Salford and the impact of its strategy review, what major branding challenges do you think it faces and how should it address them?’ (Voxpop, DW 10 June).

The BBC is a great brand with an enviable global reputation. Unlike many broadcasters with a public-service remit, it has acted in many ways like a commercial operator – its embracing of the Web and its development of innovations such as the iPlayer have had commercial organisations crying foul.

The BBC was never meant to be so innovative. There’s little doubt that it is significantly over-staffed, but by recruiting some very talented, commercially oriented people, it has exceeded expectations over the past few years.

The regulator and political considerations outweigh any branding challenges it faces in the short term. Keep on innovating is the best answer to any critics.

James Kydd, Non-executive director, Start Creative, by e-mail

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