Packaging is the new advertising, right?

The packaging design industry is in danger of missing a real trick if it doesn’t grasp the golden chalice that is conceptual design. Traditionally, packaging design has been considered a below-the-line operation. As such, we have created design-led products that have ultimately under-sold the contents within.

The power of packaging is evolving quite significantly – we have a real chance to exploit changing attitudes by developing conceptual-based packaging that uses clever content and vivid images. In my opinion, packaging is the new advertising – in fact, it has the potential to be 100 times more influential. With an advertisement, you get one shot at grabbing people’s attention, while packaging forms an integral part of a product’s saleability and gets produced and sold time and time again.

As an industry, we need to open our eyes to the opportunities available, particularly with female-based products. Women drive the packaging market, but it’s essential that we also communicate with the male consumer. We’ve been playing it safe for far too long – the time has come for packaging design consultancies to think outside the box, embrace conceptual design and drive home sales through creative, humorous and thought-provoking packaging.

Bob Wallace, Marketing director, Nicepond, Windermere, Cumbria LA23 2AF

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