Action Aid bus design by Thomasmatthews

Action Aid is collaborating with Thomasmatthews on its latest project, a travelling bus that will cross Africa and Europe to raise awareness of issues facing Africa, such as AIDS, free trade and debt.

Action Aid appointed Thomasmatthews in January to create the bus and brand for the ‘Get On Board, Joburg to G8’ initiative.

The bus will visit Johannesburg, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, France, England and Scotland, gathering messages and stories along the way to present to leaders at this year’s G8 summit in July. It will also visit some UK festivals, including Glastonbury, Reading and Respect. The bus will use a variety of mediums, including audio, images and words, to showcase the material. The bus will be spray-painted while it is in Africa and a world map will feature in the designs.

‘It will stand out, because the bus will be based on a representation of people collecting messages,’ says Sophie Thomas, director at Thomasmatthews.

Thomasmatthews is also developing all supporting material, including a microsite, T-Shirts, posters, print items, flags and stickers.

The project will bolster the ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign, which is supported by more than 300 charities, trade unions and religious groups, to urge G8 leaders to cancel debt, make trade fair and deliver more aid to developing countries.

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