Bluegreen marque for Badminton

The national sports governing body for Badminton, the Badminton Association of England has tasked Bluegreen to overhaul its brand for the first time in 30 years, as part of plans to reposition the organisation.

Bluegreen was appointed to the project in January following a three-way pitch. The organisation has been re-named ‘Badminton England’ and will realign itself according to a strategy that seeks to promote the sport as the ‘ideal activity for both a healthy lifestyle and a competitive sport.’

The redrawn identity incorporates a hand-drawn shuttlecock showing a jumping, celebrating figure.

‘The new image needed to be forward-looking, while not alienating the existing membership. It needed to be fresh and exciting and also be aspirational, inviting and appealing to all stakeholders,’ explains Jeremy Duncan, senior designer at Bluegreen.

The consultancy is also creating a corporate guidelines manual for the body. The brand launched at the Yonex All England Open Championships last week, held at the Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena.

Bluegreen is also designing an identity for a World Futures programme, an initiative targeting 9 to 22 year olds, to attract them to play badminton at an international level.

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