Radford Wallis engages brain to create charity’s identity

Radford Wallis has rebranded brain disorder charity The National Hospital Development Foundation as The National Brain Appeal.

The charity raises money for projects at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, which is a world leader in research and treatment of brain disorders such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

Radford Wallis was appointed in December 2009 following a three-way credentials-led pitch. The consultancy was tasked with bringing together the charity’s identity, which comprised a number of very different elements that were not being used consistently, says Radford Wallis creative director Stuart Radford.

The charity lacked a recognisable visual presence and its name didn’t convey what the charity does, says Radford. The consultancy worked with the charity to develop the new name, The National Brain Appeal, to make the charity’s remit more obvious to supporters, he adds.

Radford Wallis was briefed to create an identity that featured a list of the disorders that the charity tackles. Radford says, ’The audience relates much more strongly with the charity when they recognise the disorders.’

For the logo, the consultancy created a head silhouette from the disorders, formed from a soft, rounded font to mimic the curve of the head, says Radford.

Marketing materials created by Radford Wallis for the charity feature photographs of people in profile facing to the right, to echo the new logo.

The new identity, which launches at the end of the week, has been applied to the website, stationery, fundraising materials and leaflets.

Radford Wallis is currently working on event materials and brand guidelines for The National Brain Appeal.

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