Budgens’ Journey for interiors

Convenience supermarket Budgens is working on interiors concepts at its Tottenham Court Road flagship store in central London, as part of an “on-going process of change” at the retailer.

The retailer has been in talks with design consultancy Journey, “in terms of designing stores”, according to a Budgens spokesman.

The consultancy is understood to have developed Budgens’ in-store concept.

If successful, the pilot concept may form the basis of a national roll-out across its 226-strong nationwide chain, says the spokesman.

Changes to the Tottenham Court Road’s store interiors, which are a “starter for ten”, could lead to a roll out as early as next year, he adds.

The redesign is not a move upmarket “at this stage” for Budgens, he says. He adds that it is too early to predict what the store interiors will look like.

“The Tottenham Court Road concepts are a review of where Budgens is at the moment.

“We are currently talking to Journey to see whether or not we want to move our in-store concepts forward,” he adds.

A spokeswoman for Journey declines to comment.

The Budgens chain incorporates 135 supermarkets, 39 Budgens Express, 24 Budgens Local and 28 forecourt outlets.

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