Designed to win votes: Liberal Democrats

Visual identity: Fitch created the ‘bird of freedom’ logo when the party was formed in 1988. The logo, says the party, ‘represents our fundamental belief in freedom’. The identity was updated in 1999 by Rodney Fitch & Company. A party spokesman says, ‘The bird is now a slightly different shape. The change was in line with the growth and development of the party since its early days, and with more contemporary design ideas.’

Printed campaign material: The manifesto has been designed by Forward Publishing, while posters are by Banc. Other election material and literature is designed locally by constituency parties, with some advice from campaign headquarters.

Merchandise: Merchandising is done in-house by Liberal Democrat Image. A spokesman says the best-selling item is an eco-friendly button-hole pin, but mugs, rosettes, clipboards and other products are also available.

Roadshows, events and campaign vehicle: The Original Propshop has designed press conference and rally sets and also designed sets for recent party conferences. The campaign bus livery has been created by Business Air Centre.

Websites: The party website, at, remains unchanged for the election, but many parliamentarians have their own sites. All website work is designed in-house.

Party political broadcast: These are created by Tiger Aspect.

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