The face of gambling is set to change with the launch of several upmarket casinos in the UK and a change in the laws later in the year. How can the use of design lift the image of gambling while maintaining a responsible social stance?

My Agency and London Casinos International are changing casinos from gambling dens into chic pleasure domes, with the emphasis on service and entertainment. Luxurious interiors are designed by Real Studios (The Cumberland Hotel), and style is integral. LCI is doing for casinos what Ian Shrager did for hotels. At The Casino at the Empire the five bars, restaurants, nightclubs and private lounges are designed to make it a fun and funky experience. It’ll appeal to a crowd that won’t visit solely for gaming, they’ll want the whole package.
Luke White, Creative partner and founder, My Agency


I hope the new gambling bill will give as much protection as most people need. Gambling is entertainment and millions enjoy it. Some lose more than they can afford, but designers can’t prevent that. It would be hugely irresponsible to use design to misrepresent the risks, but people will gamble if it gives them a buzz. There are many important things over which the design industry should take a responsible social stance, but this isn’t one of them.
John Spencer, Creative director, Spencer du Bois

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