Don’t jump on the band wagon for the sake of it

Traipsing down the M6 the other day, enjoying the sights of the open road, I was taken aback and horrified by what I encountered in my rear view mirror.

That immoveable bastion of traditional values has been besmirched in the name of, what has probably been described by some marketing strategist as, ‘brand rearticulation’. I refer, in horror of course, to the new Eddie Stobart livery.

Gone are the bold strong typography and colours, reminiscent of fairground rides and lorries.

The new identity, replete with go-faster stripes, weak colours and lame typography, is a violation of something that should never have been tinkered with – it was a design classic.

It is sad that they have felt the need to jump on the rebranding bandwagon.

And to compound all this, the driver was wearing a polo shirt – where’s his shirt, tie and cheery smile?

Who are the guilty designers?

Alan Herron, Creative director, The Chase, Manchester M3 2NH

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