High chair high jinks

With reference to your piece on the Hot 50 (DW 3 November), can I point out that Totseat was not, in fact, designed by Stand.

While there is no doubt that Stand, like many design consultancies, does fantastic work, it was not involved in Totseat, in any capacity.

I made the first Totseat from the lining of my wedding dress in January 2004, and, after considerable work with UK safety experts, secured my first order with John Lewis in December 2004.

Fabric high chairs have been around for about 50 years, but Totseat extends and contracts to fit chairs of varying sizes. This flexibility enabled Totseat to win the Grand Prix at the Scottish Design Awards, and a Product Design Award. It was also recognised with a Bronze Award at the Roses and has been shortlisted for the Mother and Baby Travel Product of the Year.

Studiolr is responsible for Totseat’s logo and for branding. But, in terms of Totseat’s actual creation, it’s the old adage – motherhood is the necessity of invention. And, on this occasion, I am it.

Rachel Jones, mother and designer, by e-mail

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