17 October 1996

Advocaat’s range snowballs

Market leading advocaat brand Warninks is extending its brand with the addition of three new flavours. Design is by The Paul Martin Design Company. The new variants are peach, caramel and amaretto flavours, and the Hampshire consultancy commissioned illustrations by John Lawrence to feature on the labels. “Warninks Advocaat is the fourth largest liqueur brand […]

Successful museums need more than cash

The Earth Galleries have not only provided London with a great new party venue – as those celebrating Design Week’s ten year birthday last week can attest. They’ve given the popular Natural History Museum an extra boost (see feature, page 14). It’s a classic case of creative curating and design coming together to give the […]

Middlemen are merely modifying meddlers

I write to compliment the mesh of text and Louis Hellman’s cartoon (Private View, DW 4 October). Reading the text added depth and weight to the cartoon that it didn’t have at first glance, although it was still good and tempted you to read. A great combination. My further comments are generated by the link […]


Fitch has designed new ‘photocentre’ shops for Fuji called Fujilab. Destined for hypermarkets and shopping centres throughout France, Fitch’s design for the Fujilab was presented to Fuji, and onwards to retail chains such as Auchan, via a walk-through video animation rather than a scale model. Fitch called in Jason Saunders of Pixel Perfect Computer Animation […]

Etam rebrands with Partners

Etam is poised to implement graphics designed by The Partners into its London Oxford Street flagship store, after completing 90 per cent of its national roll-out this week. The new look for the 223 stores is focused on graphics. “We are making some minor interiors changes to be put into branches over the next four […]

Natural progression

The Natural History Museum has never had it so good since the Earth Galleries opened. And its success has had a knock-on effect all round, reports Liz Farrelly

Treasure chest of laughs found on The Oriana

Jonathan Sands, managing director of Elmwood Design, provided a wave of laughter at a recent contact-making bash aboard The Oriana. So what is the raconteur’s pièce de résistence? Picture a dying man in hospital under heavy sedation, fingering both breasts of a Hattie Jacques-lookalike matron. He is under the impression that one is the head […]

Dyson sponsors Sir Fiennes’ trip to Antarctica

The world’s greatest living explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes (pictured above), was sent out by his wife to buy a vacuum cleaner. Sir Ranulph wandered into his local supplier and was enchanted by James Dyson’s range. He bought one, read the accompanying leaflets and suspected Dyson might be the kind of man who’d want to be […]

Danish designers earn highest continental pay

Designers in Denmark and Germany make, on average, more money than their counterparts in any other part of continental Europe, according to a new survey published by the Bureau of European Designers’ Associations (BEDA). The European Fees and Salary Survey, which did not include the UK, also reveals that Belgium and Finland are the hardest […]

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