What’s this? Another book full of club flyers! Now arriving with the regularity of Conservative Party crackdowns on clubland, the books celebrating the graphic design of club flyers will soon need their own section of Books etc. The latest such book is Fly, the art of the club flyer, published by Thames and Hudson at 12.95. Its designer, Fred Deakin, provides an insight into the whole process: ‘Flyers were my route into graphic design. Running clubs myself meant I had a reasonable client to start with, although he pays badly.’

Isn’t it great to know that Basque country is a fount for many products used in Spanish daily life? The history of Basque product design, from its roots in regional footwear and musical instruments to the modern influence of new technology and ergonomics, are

covered in Entrediseños, an exhibition at Bilbao’s Centre de Diseño this week. Schools for apprentices were formed as long ago as 1920, the schemes they set up trained people to act as in-house designers until specialised consultancies appeared. It may be

difficult for DW readers to attend, but at least we can be informed!

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