Bar operator entertains with interiors by Fusion

Bar owner Lewis & Clark launches three original concept bars in London this month with interiors by Fusion, the first in a series of bars the company plans to open in the next 18 months.

Lewis & Clark is intending to develop between 12 and 15 bars across London, and Fusion is likely to be involved in creating interiors for many of these, says Lewis & Clarke managing director Steve Wilkins.

The company has also commissioned Caulder Moore to design interiors for one location.

The first three bars, The Prophet, Interval and Assembly, are intended to appeal equally as pub, bar, coffee-house and restaurant.

‘The client’s brief was to create a rich, but relaxed environment where you’d be just as inclined to go for a business lunch as you would to go on a Friday night,’ says Fusion director Roger Gascoigne.

Various so-called ‘chameleon’ bars have been criticised in the leisure industry as successful only in attracting either daytime or evening custom.

‘We asked Fusion to build us something to transcend both trading posts,’ says Wilkins. ‘We wanted a multipurpose venue where the usage changes, but the environment doesn’t.’ Fusion achieved this, Wilkins claims, through an understated, soft colour scheme.

Fusion was commissioned on the basis of previous work for bar operator Thomas & Carter, previously run by Wilkins and fellow director John Connell.

Elsewhere, Fusion has created its second venue for the Freedom Brewing Company, Rocket Riverside, as well as The Lion in Marlow for the Spirit Group.

In addition, three Fusion-designed sites are set to open in Basingstoke this month.

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