Reebok store sports Jam interiors

Reebok this week launches its flagship Trainer Lounge, designed by Jam, in what the group hopes will be the first in a series of projects for the sports manufacturer.

The London-based Trainer Lounge will be used to showcase products and deliver a brand vision to retailers, stylists and other influencers. Reebok youth marketing manager Jo Lee says the company is developing the venue with an eye to future retail offerings.

The sportswear giant is also making a bid for closer customer interaction. ‘We’d love to have our own version of Niketown and the look that Jam has created is exactly the style and theming that we’d want,’ says Lee.

Jam was commissioned to express Reebok’s brand values through the interior space. The consultancy split the area into three sections – British heritage, urban and sport – in an attempt to capture and deliver Reebok’s core values, according to Jam co-founder Jamie Anley.

‘The first section is a low-key, domestic setting with a retro feel,’ says Anley. ‘The second has a funky, urban flavour (pictured), while the third is decked out with blue Astroturf and has a US locker-room feel.’

The group is likely to collaborate with Reebok on further projects with a broader design and marketing brief in the future, though specific details have yet to be finalised.

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