M&EDG provides a voice for exhibition designers

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Alex McCuaig’s and Christopher Curtis’s letters (DW 4 September), should not pass without comment. Christopher says: “Our industry needs a voice…” That is exactly it.

We have in this country the Chartered Society of Designers, the Design Council and the Design Business Association. I doubt if any of these bodies knows anything about exhibition design, or the existence of the Museum and Exhibition Design Group.

Certainly, when a number of us started the Exhibition Forum – now merged with M&EDG – the interest shown by them was minimal, even though exhibitions in museums, world and trade fairs are immensely important earners for the country.

What is needed is recognition that the M&EDG should be sponsored to the extent that it can afford to promote our industry, educate our clients and avoid such potential disasters as the Millennium Dome.

Giles Velarde

Giles Velarde Associates

Pett Level

E Sussex TN35 4EF

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