Not every one-man set-up is ‘having-a-go’

I am writing in response to Tony Huggett’s letter (DW 7 August). I am in agreement with him on the “have-a-go mentality”, which makes it increasingly difficult to justify fees to the client. This is especially so when clients feel perfectly comfortable to discuss the finer, more refined points of design just because they sit in front of a computer, with clip-art capabilities.

However, mine is the “one man and a mac scenario”. Having graduated from college with a design degree, I opted for what some might consider the more difficult approach of setting up on my own. I do not consider this to be a “have-a-go” mentality and, therefore, would not care to be categorised as such. My fees may be cheaper than the larger design consultancies, but we can’t all start at the top.

Perhaps Tony Huggett would like to see my consultancy’s relatively new portfolio to understand that my designs may be cheaper, but, by no means, are they merely acceptable solutions.

Ben Killner

Adrenaline Design Group


Bedfordshire LU6 3JD

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