Nucleus on call for telecom group

One of Europe’s biggest private sector multiservice telecommunications providers this week launched a new telephone division.

The name, corporate identity, marketing collateral and Internet presence for Priority Telecom were created by Nucleus.

The division, owned by United Pan-Europe Communications, is a competitive local exchange carrier for business and domestic users. It currently operates in The Netherlands and Hungary, with licences to start working in Norway and Austria.

Nucleus has been working the project since the beginning of the year. The Priority Telecom name had to work across multiple markets, languages and cultures, says consultancy managing director Peter Matthews.

“The telecoms sector is really hotting up,” says Matthews, who describes Priority Telecom as the first of the major new generation of telecoms companies.

Parent company UPC has its headquarters in Amsterdam, and provides cable, television, telephone, internet and programming services. It serves 4.6 million homes and 3.3 million subscribers.

Nucleus has brought in UK-born Fenton Cains as a management consultant focusing on the digital economy. Cains was formerly with Digitivity in California.

Plan b designer Baker has incorporated the work of Photonica photographer Stephen Webster in his three-strong brochure suite for corporate finance company Invex. Baker says the brochures have been designed to complement the more modern logo he created for Invex last month. ‘The figure looking through the binoculars represents [Invex’s] client, negotiating its future, while the two other figures represent Invex helping to steer that client,’ says Baker.

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