Is the London logo free-pitching debate opening up design…

There are two points that are missing from the debate over the Greater London Authority logo tender (News, DW 3 September).
First – it levels the playing field. Too many times only elite consultancies are asked to submit designs for public works. The GLA bake-off enables anyone – of any background – to submit their design. In that way, it is a spin-off of the London 2012 site that asked for logo submissions (after the launch of Wolff Olins’ controversial identity).

Second – it will bring out the true believers. Design isn’t about cashing in. It’s about being part of something bigger. It’s about creating an emotional connection with the audience it is intended to serve. Just like the millions of starving artists out there, this exercise is genius, in that the true believers will have an opportunity to submit their designs, regardless of their financial muscle or imprimatur.

So, GLA, go for it. I won’t be submitting anything, but I applaud your efforts to equalise and spur creativity during these austere times.
John Stone, by e-mail

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