Our favourite festive design studios of 2017

We asked you to submit photos of your offices decorated for Christmas – here are some of our festive favourites.

The personalised baubles

Endpoint looked to bring out a bit of Christmas competitiveness at its London office this year, with its own bauble-making competition. Along with decorating the office Christmas tree with the traditional festive decorations and fairy lights, each team member was asked to design a bauble that reflects their personality. The results range from the cute (one team member has made a googly eyed snowman complete with its own top hat) to the slightly obscure (another person has filled their bauble with miniature book covers including Harry Potter and The Girl on the Train). Our personal favourite bauble really got to the heart of what Christmas is about – booze, of course – with its own mini bottle of Gordon’s gin.

The gingerbread desk

Another consultancy that has taken the competitive Christmas spirit route, Emperor’s London studio saw different teams go up against each other to create the most Christmassy desk display. The winning team has come up with a cute gingerbread house concept, which sees a snowy, animated illustration on the computer display, and a gingerbread rooftop complete with holly and candy cane decorations.

The festive workshop

Now in its second year, Elmwood’s Winter Workshop sees designers at the consultancy take part in a winter workshop to create handcrafted, Christmassy gifts to raise money for a local charity. This year, the consultancy’s pop-up shop included everything from hand-marbled mugs to illustrated Christmas cards with robins on them. The studio has raised roughly £1,000 in total for Leeds Children’s Charity.

The Christmas personality quiz

Brightening up The Team’s studio reception this year are a series of ‘80s, arcade-inspired Christmas characters. The pixelated figures are part of the studio’s festive personality quiz, which looks to reveal people’s Christmas characters. Are you more of a radical reindeer or an unflappable fairy? Take the 12 Questions of Christmas Quiz here to find out.

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