YourStudio helps bring Virgin Holidays to the high street

The Virgin Holidays stores have been designed so that customers can partake in a number of interactive experiences that help them to imagine the destinations they are interested in.

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YourStudio has created a retail concept for Virgin Holidays, a new proposition which is looking to engage customers with interactive experiences designed to help them imagine destinations.

YourStudio co-founder Tom Philipson, says: “We have looked to provide staff and customers with a multi-layered retail and lounge experience and inspire Virgin customers with a location in which they feel their holiday has already started.”

“Taste bar” instead of conventional pay points

Sales and till points have been rejected in favour of an island bar, while booths and lounge areas are designed to be “comfortable and exciting.”

In time the “Taste bar” will be developed to offer food and drink relating to the holiday destination.

There are strong ties to the Virgin Atlantic brand and as such staff are dressed in cabin crew uniforms and customers can try out different tiers of seats at different branches including premium economy in Leeds and upper class in Bristol.

Customers can test Virgin Atlantic seats and drink champagne

“It’s a nice customer experience as you get to try out the seat with a glass of champagne. You might have a coffee, you might sit in the upper class seat or watch videos of your destination.” says Philipson.

A map wall and an interactive video wall have been integrated to help customers build up a better picture of the destination.

The roll out of Virgin Holidays is already underway with branches also open in Lakeside, Bluewater, Bristol and Leeds.

Overall the look and feel is “typically Virgin” says Philipson and offers customers a “quality elevated experience.”

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