18-24 May 2015

The Creative Breakfast Club – why designers should meet over bacon & eggs

For the past couple of years a group of designers including 1977 Design co-founder Paul Bailey and Underwired creative director Jason Holland have been meeting for early-morning chats about the joys and the challenges of running a design business.

In this piece, members of the “Creative Breakfast” network tell us why the meetings have been so beneficial and offer advice on setting up a breakfast club of your own.

D&AD Awards 2015 – the design winners


This year there were two Black Pencils for UK design studios, but only three Yellows. We look at the award winners and show what the results mean for the Design Week Creative Survey.

Renault’s Anthony Lo: “You have to predict the future to design a car”

In a discussion at Clerkenwell Design Week, Renault’s vice-president of exterior design Anthony Lo and concept car director Stephane Janin talked about the way car designers work, how a big brand like Renault uses design and what impact driverless cars could have for designers.

In this piece, we look at some of the highlights of their talk.

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