18 April 1996

Gossard opts for an uplift

Bra manufacturer Gossard has appointed Wickens Tutt Southgate for what is believed to be a complete reappraisal of the brand. WTS has worked for Gossard for six years, notably on the 1994 launch of the Ultrabra, and beat Coley Porter Bell in a two-way proposals pitch after an initial longer list was whittled down. It […]

Design registration schemes underway

Designers will be able to register their designs within the European Community and worldwide with the introduction of two new registration systems expected to be settled this year. The European Parliament is expected to agree upon a scheme for design registration through its Alicante office, where one application will cover the whole European Community. The […]

Definitely not getting legless

Hat designer Malooli is getting ahead with her flamboyant noggin gear. She is participating in Work to Wear, an exhibition of fashion accessories at the Ruskin Craft Gallery, Sheffield, until 18 May. Graduate of an advanced millinery course at the London College of Fashion, Malooli has designed one-off hats for diverse icons such as Hussein […]


Wolff Olins has appointed Michael Zur-Szipiro, formerly chairman of the Aroma Coffee Company and a consultant at Boston Consulting Group in London, as a director and head of strategy. Marketing By Design has created a new corporate identity for multimedia company Perfect Entertainment. Glazer is creating a corporate design system for literature for leading UK […]


‘He’s big in brassieres’ Graven Images’ Ross Hunter on the colourful past of former textile worker Frank Binnie, erstwhile chief executive of Scottish Design

Groups vie for pop centre job

A total of 26 consultancies are vying to design the first phase of the planned 15m National Centre for Popular Music. The consultancies are to submit written proposals by next Friday.

Articulating the art of articulation

“His toothbrush needs to be thrown away – mine’s much better.” Maddi Nicholson, one half of an artistic Cumbrian couple, is bound to spark off a domestic with this statement. She and partner Stuart Bastik focus on “the process of brushing your teeth together” as a symbol of coupledom. Their homely secrets will be blown […]

European Union to aid small businesses

Design consultancies could benefit from a European Union proposal to put in action a 850m financial aid package for small businesses. The package, announced in Brussels last week by EU finance commissioner Yves-Thibault de Silguy, is based on a loans guarantee system aimed at helping small businesses get credit at lower rates of borrowing over […]

Getting drunk and acting hip

You’re getting pleasantly drunk. You look around the crowded bar, smugly at peace. After all, your legs are twined around those of a supermodel. Enfield furniture designers and makers have made this possible with their Poseur Pedestal. Managing director Martin Morris anticipates accusations of sexism. “We’re working on a male version too, he’ll be wearing […]

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