Fitch speaks out for ‘technically illiterate’

International News:Clare Dowdy +44 171-439 4222

Fitch in Boston has designed a public announcement system with speakers and mixers for the “technically illiterate”, according to a consultancy spokeswoman.

The EON Portable Performance Series by JBL Professional is a low-cost mobile system aimed at the entry-level market, such as DJs, Karaoke venues, schools, churches and musicians.

“The language printed on the mixer is non-technical, while the layout of the control dials is more straightforward than other models,” adds the spokeswoman.

Fitch handled the industrial design along with packaging and literature, in-store displays and a tradeshow booth.

Fitch’s research showed that the target consumer lacked technical know-how and wanted speakers to be “rugged and extremely easy to carry, move, set up, hook up and use without sacrificing high sound quality”, says the spokeswoman.

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