Christmas is just booze under the Design Bridge

Design Bridge’s festive greeting is a day-long itinerary of booze moments, drawn from the packaging group’s 2003 greatest hits.

Here’s a run-through: 9am: uncork Castillo Peralada Cava, 10.30am: mid-morning Fernando de Castilla sherry, 12.30pm: Gordon’s G&T, 1.30pm: crack open the Mosel Blumchen or perhaps a bottle of Baron de Chirel, 3pm: Warre’s Otima tawny port for pud, 5.30pm: proceed to Adnam’s Broadside or a nifty Tennents, and finally mellow out at midnight with a Norwegian Braastad cognac.

The list was produced for DB chairman Bill Goodenough and family. We know where we’ll be watching the Queen’s Speech.

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