Light touch for Swarovski flagship

Daniel Swarovski, the haute couture jewellery and giftware label that is part of high-class crystal brand Swarovski, has launched a 120m2 flagship store in London’s New Bond Street.

The store design follows the style created by in-house creative director Rosemarie Le Gallais this October in Daniel Swarovksi’s Paris boutique. Freelance designers Veronique Lacaze and Mary Erlingsen worked on the brief.

As in the Parisian outlet, light – regarded as the essence of the Swarovski crystal – is the principal feature of the interior. Independent lighting designer Sophie Bruere has brought the crystal products to life and created a ‘feeling of well-being’ throughout the store, says a Swarovski spokeswoman.

She adds, ‘It’s important for us as a luxury brand to fully express ourselves through the store, as this is the most important image the brand can convey.’

The scheme includes chairs designed by Jasper Morrison in the VIP lounge and a contemporary chandelier, Glitter Box, created by Austrian designer Georg Baldele for the Swarovski Crystal Palace collection. Display drawers, accessible to the customer, feature crystal handles that light up from the inside to illuminate their contents, creating the impression of a ‘giant jewel box’.

Opposite this display is a series of open alcoves that showcase key items from the collection, encouraging customers to interact with the jewellery.

The materials used in the design take a textural approach to luxury, with silvery white Bulgarian stone combined with burnished lilac lacquer and soft mauve silk.

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