Olympic identity should have been a popular choice

Gyro entered the logo competition for the London 2012 Olympics contest like many others and – like the millions who buy a ticket from Camelot each week – we feel as disappointed as we would have been if we hadn’t won the lottery. Whatever our opinion we must congratulate the winning team.

As for the decision-making process, with the current thirst for interactive, televisual and democratic election of the likes of Will Young and Girls Aloud and the undoubted success of the Restoration series, a multimedia extravaganza would have achieved a number of objectives: principal among these: the engagement of the general public. This would also have served to raise the profile of the brand and design industry.

Instead, another London logo has slipped into the public domain. Will Young is the choice of the people; the 2012 logo is not.

Graham Dodridge

Group creative director


London SW10

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