18 February 1999

Small but perfectly formed

‘The buzz word is organic future,’ says Paul Daly of the new Soho bar and restaurant he has designed. Lab, which opens next month in a former strip joint on

It’s snow joke

The Skidmore Turnbull Group has just returned from a gruelling weekend away at a ski resort in Verbier, Switzerland, organised to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Group managing director Mark Turnbull

Holy washing powder

Religious symbolism has been in design for ages and is probably here to stay for far longer (Private View, DW 29 January). A vivid example is Daz packaging. Using the

Old Rep seeks The Design Advantage

BIRMINGHAM design consultancy The Design Advantage has won a two-way paid pitch against an unidentified local consultancy to create the new identity for the Birmingham Old Rep Theatre. Consultant Paul

See in a different light

Janet Turner is a stalwart of the design world. I would rank her beside Richard Seymour and Madeleine Bennett as someone who not only looks, talks and acts like a

Joining an industry body is a positive move

I am writing in response to Ian Silverstein regarding his experiences of the Design Business Association (DW 5 February). As an expanding marketing-led graphic design agency, Aricot Vert Design Communications


BBC Worldwide global marketing director Kevin Harrington has just become the envy of every self-respecting designer in the industry. He is the lucky recipient of a signed England jersey –

Inspiration point

Ask a bunch of graphic designers and typographers what they think about artists who use type as their medium and how that work feeds back into the language of graphic

Court action at Edward Briscoe

A county court summons has been issued against Edward Briscoe Design’s parent company, formerly known as Edward Briscoe International Group, for non-payment of fees allegedly owing to a reprographics house.

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