Court action at Edward Briscoe

A county court summons has been issued against Edward Briscoe Design’s parent company, formerly known as Edward Briscoe International Group, for non-payment of fees allegedly owing to a reprographics house.

The summons claims that Edward Briscoe International Design owes the London company 1010.51.

Albert Kampta, managing director of The Repro House, says he has not received payment from Edward Briscoe International Group since last October.

Kampta comments: “They seem to be ignoring the situation.”

Edward Briscoe chairman Ted Briscoe says the situation has arisen over quality issues regarding work carried out by The Repro House. But according to Kampta, the consultancy had failed to notify him of any quality issues. “I’ve given them every opportunity to tell me if there was a problem,” he says. “But we haven’t even had a phonecall, let alone anything in writing.”

Briscoe says: “I will get it dealt with, I will… pay it immediately.”

Over the past year, the group has been plagued with rumours of staff unrest. Last July it revealed plans to move its head office to Geneva, Switzerland, and recently changed the name of its parent company from Edward Briscoe International Group to Union House Communications Group.

The consultancy is also late in filing its annual accounts. A spokeswoman from Companies House confirms that it has not filed accounts since December 1996, and will be fined 250 when it does.

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