A united voice, yes, but let’s drop the idea of assessment

Reading your piece ’Design could wield greater influence with a united voice’ (Comment, DW 4 February), I was struck by the line, ’A harmonious chorus on issues of mutual interest could wield greater influence… than a single body can achieve. It would be great to see them agreeing an agenda and collaborating openly.’

Not only does a harmonious chorus have a stronger voice and impact than many single voices, but a chorus would also be less confusing for those of us who are not designers by profession, but ’attached’ by interest and conviction.

And, of course, working in collaboration is often a creative and effective force in itself. It is hard work, usually with a smart outcome. And the whole idea of chartered status and assessing ’creativity’ does not make me feel good.

As someone who isn’t a designer, but who is always working with creative people, and also as someone who has experience of the pluses and minuses of fitting into a box, I am alarmed.

Katrin Andersson, by e-mail

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