Free pitch bears fruit for E3 Media with National Trust orchard site

The National Trust is preparing to launch a new website about orchards, designed by Bristol-based consultancy E3 Media. The Orchard Network portal goes live in April.

E3 Media was appointed in September, following a three-way unpaid creative pitch against Espace Solutions and Very Simple Site.

The National Trust briefed the consultancy to ’put across information about the importance of traditional orchards and their wildlife habitats’, says National Trust orchard project officer Kate Merry. The target audience includes conservationists, local authority workers, researchers, and people with an interest in orchard environments.

The Orchard Network will contain information about funding opportunities and industry issues, as well as online galleries for users to share photographs and a space for visitors to promote events.

’We were tasked with creating a design that stands apart from the National Trust, and was engaging enough to encourage people to get involved,’ says E3 Media joint managing director Stuart Avery.

Somerset-based group Smudge has recently created Orchard Network’s branding and logo, which E3 Media has applied to the website.

’Because the logo was already designed, a key part was to extend the branding online, but we have also considered how brand assets can be used offline,’ says Avery.

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