Shasa heads north of the border with Dalziel & Pow

Dalziel & Pow has created a new brand and retail identity for Mexico-based clothing brand Shasa, which is expanding across the US.

The consultancy was appointed directly late last year after being contacted by the client, according to D&P marketing director David Wright.

D&P worked on designs for Topshop New York in the US last year.

D&P was briefed to look at the branding and retail environment for the female youth fashion company.

The new brand and retail identities will be used in two new stores in Houston and Austin, Texas, which will launch in March and April.

The lower-case logo, described by the consultancy as ’young, fresh and fashionable’, is used in combinations of black, white, gold and magenta.

The identity will be used on all product packaging and communications for the brand.

D&P describes the retail environment as ’bold and distinctive’, using ’high-contrast monochromes with flashes of bright colour and soft gold metallics’.

The full scope of the available height is used to create a void in the middle of each of the two new stores. The double-height store spaces are lined with illustrations.

Wright says the two stores are the first in a roll-out that will launch in Texas, before spreading throughout the US and Mexico. The new design will also be retrofitted to existing stores.

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