Steers McGillan rebrands Bristol eco centre as Create

Steers McGillan is rebranding Bristol’s ecological and cultural centre Create, in a bid to bring it in line with its ’inclusive and professional outlook’.

Renamed by the consultancy, Create was formerly known as Create Centre and had ’an earthy, recycling-focused reputation’, according to director Richard McGillan, who says he wants to brand the company as a ’Green business centre’ with a ’wide sustainable outlook’.

The building comprises a work space, gallery, exhibition space, cinema, café and library. McGillan says he has worked with ’the major players in Bristol government, academia and the cultural scene’ to establish the brand’s direction.

A new typographic identity will depict the word ’Create’, with three surrounding speech bubbles showing the words ’meet’, ’rethink’ and ’discover’.

Using a broad colour palette, ’Create’ will appear in a bright colour and the surrounding words in muted hues. ’All of this will give people a context of what the building is about and allow visitors and staff at Create to develop their own interpretation of its purpose,’ says McGillan.

Guidelines state that the descriptor words can be changed to reflect different elements of the centre’s offer, like its Ecohome outbuilding.

The consultancy has worked on the Create project since December 2009 and aims to complete it for a March launch, when signage and posters will be unveiled. ’Next we’ve got to think about how to translate all this online,’ says McGillan.

A website domain has been registered, giving Create, which now sits within Bristol City Council’s site, its own space.

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