Vallis Tammaro founders set up new group Undercurrent

Former Vallis Tammaro founders John Vallis and Robert Tammaro have founded new consultancy Undercurrent.

Since leaving Vallis Tammaro in 2007, Tammaro has worked at integrated marketing consultancy Meteorite, where he was head of brand identity and founded the group’s branding division, and Vallis has worked at Davies & Barron.

Tammaro says he will be responsible for the creative work at Undercurrent, while Vallis will take charge of client services. The consultancy is also currently working with a network of freelances.

Undercurrent will specialise in brand development, on- and offline brand communications, and retail and leisure environments, adds Tammaro.

He says the consultancy has already picked up work with clients including luxury goods company Richemont, and Aabar Investments in Abu Dhabi.

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