1996 is taking no prisoners

Innovation. Inspiration. Feverishly creative sparks. Can 1996 possibly relive the energy and originality of the early Eighties? Or will it regurgitate “the same old blandness,” as Andrew Hunter of Tayburn McIlroy Coates fears (DW 5 January)?

London’s Attik Design is starting the year with a bang – an aural one. It has created Noise, which it insists is not a book, brochure or magazine. It incorporates designs for Sony, Kodak, Channel Four and EMI Records, and written pieces from people happy to sound off about all the subjects under the sun.

“The hardest thing in the world is to try and please everyone, so we decided to do what we bloody well wanted,” says Attik director Simon Needham. Noise has already been poached by the Zwemmers bookshop chain for use as a window display. It will be marketed internationally and Attik hopes to design Hollywood film graphics as a result.

Meanwhile, Taunton’s Impact Design Marketing has formulated its own corporate identity and Bath agency The Idea Works’ design team has peppered its new brochure with hats for bullish traffic wardens.

And a calendar by London-based Roger Felton Associates bypasses conventional sporting events such as Wimbledon and football to highlight horse racing events and the Italian Grand Prix.

They’re all obviously adhering to Attik’s philosophy of “do as you bloody well want”.

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