Sydney games field a wealth of opportunity

The Sydney Olympic Games in the year 2000 are throwing up a variety of design opportunities for UK groups and should be used as a launch pad into other local markets, says the Department of Trade and Industry.

Colin Moynihan, former Minister for Sport and chairman of the DTI’s Sydney Olympics UK Business Task Force, has visited the Olympic site.

“Many of the projects have yet to come off the drawing board and most of the service contracts are still to be awarded,” he says.

“The organising committee accepts that it will need to supplement the work of Australian firms, and when this happens they will look to companies from other countries to assist them,” he adds.

Potential areas of opportunity cited by the task force include interior and graphic design, lighting, display and exhibitions, ticketing and merchandising. A Sydney-based director-general will be appointed in the next few weeks to feed information back to companies who subscribe to the information service, says a DTI spokesman.

Involvement in the games could also lead to further opportunities in the region, says

Moynihan: “Australian links with its Asia-Pacific neighbours have never been stronger, and the Olympic Games offer a unique opportunity to capitalise on these growing ties.”

The Task Force is promoting openings for British companies at three seminars in February. For information contact Gary Soper on 0171-215 4875.

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