18 January 2001

Connaught brings in Hoop

Hoop Associates has been appointed lead design consultancy by building contractor Connaught. Hoop is reviewing all aspects of the Connaught brand, from its on-site livery to its internal communications. “We

Some mothers wish that they hadn’t had ’em

Imaginative, open-minded people are more accident prone than their creatively challenged colleagues, according to the British Psychological Society. It seems your personality type determines if you are the kind of

Moving pictures

The rationale behind Italian Futurism may be backward by today’s standards, but forget the politics and enjoy the photos, says Gayle Markovitz

Halifax has bite of Big Biscuit

The Paramount Bank, Halifax’s latest offering, which specialises in low-cost loans and credit cards, is being branded by design consultancy The Big Biscuit, formerly known as Yell. Elmwood, which is


Industrial Britain: an architectural history by Hubert Pragnell is published by Ellipsis. The book tells the story of industrial development and ultimate decline, as well as looking at new uses


Balwant Ahira joins listings magazine Time Out this week as art director from Nova, where he was acting art editor, working on the relaunch last year. Prior to Nova, Ahira


Bluedoor Associates has branded new kitchen work top manufacturer Astracast, with the line, ‘Cause a Sensation’. Corporate literature features canoodling couples.

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