Actions speak louder than words, says Minale

I am certainly not an industry luminary, but I did work with Marcello Minale a few years ago as business development manager.

Marcello challenged me from the start. His first words to me were, “I hate marketing people, they are too full of words and not enough action!” This did not bode well, but over time I grew to respect him as a man of vision, humour and compassion (not all the time, but I do believe his heart was always in the right place).

Ironically, he was a marketing person, one of those instinctive marketers, who seemed to resent the process-driven, formulaic approach to marketing that often did not produce results.

The one thought that I will take with me are one of his famous diatribes: “We exist to achieve”. He did that, and more.

I am currently working for Brandhouse WTS, under the just as passionate Mark Wickens.

Geoff McCormick

Marketing manager

Brandhouse WTS

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