Newspapers now face both a technological and aesthetic revolution, more influenced than ever by the Internet – creating a full-colour newspaper has never been so challenging.

Last year, the dramatic redesign of the Flemish newspaper DeMorgen exemplified how creativity and technology could work together without alienating its readership.

I love the charming structure and colour palette of Die Zeit in Germany, the incisive picture editing at the Danish Politiken, the design of The Guardian in the UK, and the warm composition and typography of New York Magazine. But I would be lying if I said that I don’t also get touched by the Scandinavian coldness, or by the magic realism of the Korean press. Almost any newspaper or magazine around the world hides something poetic to be developed or discovered.

I always wanted to become either an architect or a writer. Perhaps that’s why I come back to Alessandro Baricco’s scriptural deconstructions, dig into Antoni Gaudí’s impossible dreamings and find refuge in Antoni Tapies’s profound monologues.

Al Trivino
News International

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