Design and branding in India are tipped to boom. Reports, however, suggest that the major branding groups are often seen as too expensive for the market. Do Indian corporations still need to realise the real value of strategic branding?

The concept of branding is relatively new in India, with consultancies being perhaps just three or four years old. That said, ad agencies, as one-stop shops, have been well established for perhaps 20 years and all bang the brand drum. Indian corporations understand the value of strategic branding, but are sometimes unclear about where and how to find best value, relative to their objectives and the many complexities they face in the Indian marketplace. Brand strategy cannot be detached from the realities of business life in India and the practicalities of implementation.

Mike Curtis, Managing director, Start Creative

Ibrahim Ibrahim

We have had many opportunities over the past three years with India-based clients, and our fee levels were always an issue. More recently, however, clients have been willing to invest, as they not only place more value on strategic branding, but they also value cross-sector insights highly. Clients that we are working with see the value of the brand being developed in the DNA of the customer experience to create real differentiation and have realised the folly of just ‘badging’.

Ibrahim Ibrahim, Managing director, Portland Design

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