This is a concept which will never go into production. But allowing that it was never intended to, IDEO’s collaboration with Samsung to design a computer concept product to ‘push the limits of future in-the-house multimedia technology’ has proved successful.

Samsung commissioned the concept study for a public exhibition to be held in Seoul, Korea, where the company has an in-house design school. The electronics group invites visitors to view leading edge ideas in order to challenge traditional perceptions about products and focus their thoughts on the needs of the future.

Samsung and IDEO’s California office, led by Jochen Backs, designed TotalMedia as an easy-to-use multimedia device for home and home-office environments. It is a hybrid of computing, audio/ stereo, television and home video game playing.

The unit acts as both a desktop workstation and a pen-based computer. Currently available technologies have been integrated into TotalMedia, which incorporates an internal adjustable video camera and microphone. A remote control/wireless telephone device allows users to access the screen from a distance as well as receive or make phone calls.

‘The concept study illustrates how a visual design language developed for Samsung’s current computer products could be evolved and used for future products and technology,’ says a spokeswoman for IDEO.

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