When it comes to the crunch, this one crumbles

Ever seen the road move as Tower Bridge is raised to allow the passage of tall ships? Did it remind you of a Ryvita biscuit breaking in two?

No? Then you obviously don’t take the same drugs as the PR schemers behind a story which graced the front page of Sunday Business newspaper.

The “story” was that the Department of the Environment had commissioned new group The Brand Encounter to investigate how the nation’s monuments could be used as advertising media for millions of pounds.

The DoE calls the story “absolute rubbish”. And anyway, monuments are held by the Department of National Heritage.

The Brand Encounter creative director Alan Dobbie (ex-Imagination and showing it) declines to reveal which Government department (if any) commissioned the work. His partner Matthew Heath confusingly says the work was commissioned by “someone not in the private sector”.

Congratulations to The Brand Encounter for getting the publicity. Any idea involving chunks of Ryvita-like substance falling into the Thames as Tower Bridge cracks up deserves reward.

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